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         Allergy bedding
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         Best air purifier - For cleaner air, dust, mold,
         pet dander, allergies, asthma - Hepa


Vitaire hepa air purifier
Vitaire air purifier

              Professional grade   






         Hepa - the #1 choice

                  Higher efficiency: Hepas are generally known to be higher efficiency, and be the best at
                        removing particulates (particles), such as dust, mold, pet dander. (Better particle removal may
                        relate to less allergy or asthma.)  However, with other purifiers that are not hepa, how can
                        you tell, if they are high efficiency or not, since almost all purifiers claim to be high efficiency.
                        It's easy. All you need to do, is find the % efficiency in  their brochure or web site. If the
                        % efficiency is not shown, there is a very high probability, that it's not high efficiency at all.

                  High efficiency does not drop off after few weeks: Purifiers, such as electrostatic precipit-
                        ators with an ionizer section, may collect dust, etc. on collector plates by magnetic attraction.
                        As dust builds up, it acts as an insulator. In a few weeks, this may significantly reduce both
                        magnetic attraction and filter efficiency. Hepas, however, do not use magnetic attraction.
                        They filter by mechanically capturing the dust. Their efficiency stays high. It does not drop off.

                  Dust that has been captured does not flake off, back into the air: With many other
                        purifiers, if disturbed or bumped into, the captured dust may flake off, and be released back
                        into the air. Also, each day as dust is collected and builds up, it becomes a better insulator.
                        Then,  more then dust tends to flake off, back into the air. With hepas, the dust is positively
                        captured by mechanical filtration. It cannot flake off. It is not released back into the air.¹

                  Hepas do not produce ozone: If purifier produces ozone, instead of making air cleaner,
                        it may be making it dirtier. EPA says that of 6 common pollutants, particle pollution and
                        ground-level ozone are the most widespread health threats.¹³ Hepas are generally
                        acknowledged to be the best at removing particles, such as dust, mold and much
                        more. And, unlike many purifiers, hepas do not produce ozone.

 What makes a Vitaire hepa better

With many competitive air purifiers without blower housing, uncleaned air is mixed with hepa cleaned air¹
Vitaire air purifier with blower housing - all air produced passes through and is cleaned by hepa filter¹
Vitaire on right puts out all hepa air¹
  • ALL HEPA - superior to part hepa¹  
      Other hepa purifiers often pull dirty air in after hepa filter, and
       mix it with the cleaned hepa air.¹ Thus, the air produced by the
       purifier, may be only part hepa.    With Vitaire, the dirty air is  
        all pulled in BEFORE the hepa filter, and then filtered.¹  Thus,  
        Vitaire hepa purifiers put out only ALL hepa air¹ 
      Why it's better.

  • CLEANS WHOLE ROOM - not just around purifier 
       Other hepas tend to clean air around purifier.¹   Vitaire cleans   
       air around whole room
      You could be anywhere in the room.
      You need the whole room clean.
    Vitaire cleans whole room

      It's better.

  • OZONE FREE - free of health hazards  
      Ionizers, ultraviolets, electrostatic precipitators may produce
      harmful ozone.
    ²  EPA says ozone can harm our health, and that
      ozone may worsen asthma.² 
      So, how can you tell, if an air   
       purifier produces this ozone.  If it does not say OZONE FREE,  
       it's  probably not. 
     Be safe.   Vitaire is ozone free   

Competition cleans air of dust, mold and pet dander, primarily on 1 side of air purifier¹
Vitaire purifier cleans air around whole room not just around purifier¹
 Vitaire on right cleans whole room¹

    TOP RATINGS by people, who used it  
      for dust, mold, allergy for many years  

Our ratings are by many people with allergy or asthma who were helped by Vitaire air purifier for up to 30 years

  • Competitor's ratings - can you trust them?.
      Large dealers/distributors carry many different brands of air
      purifiers. Often they carry primarily the same brands. However,
      many times one rates a purifier as best; while another rates
      same purifier as average; and another rates it as worst. So,

       Also,    did the person doing the ratings have allergies or  
       asthma? Did he use purifier for at least 6 months to know,  
       if it actually helped?  

  • Our ratings are by many people, who used
     it for dust, mold, allergies or asthma, and
     were helped for up to 30 years

      Our air purifier ratings are by MANY people, who each purchased
      this purifier.
       They write how this purifier helped their allergies,  
       asthma and sleep - in many cases for 15 to 30 years

    REFERRED by allergy,  
   asthma specialists for
 many years              

Vitaire air purifier has been referred by allergy doctors for 30 years
allergy and asthma doctors
  have referred it for 30 years

  • These doctors know the
     best air purifiers

       Thousands of these specialists  
        have referred their patients  
       over last 30 years.
      All referrals
       were for this purifier.

  • Approved by American
    College of Allergy, Asthma
    and Immunology

       for Technical Exhibits at Annual
       Meeting starting 1978

Vitaire hepa air purifier - for cleaner air  
Vitaire air purifier

Professional grade
Not available in stores

  Vitaire Hepa Air Purifier,
Ozone Free, H200

Rent to own

Rent: $49.95 month
            + s/h $29.65
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  •   High efficiency HEPA filter - reduces
      up to over 99% of dust, dirt, mold,
      pollen, pet dander, bacteria and smoke
      - down to 0.001 microns

  •   Effective for cleaning areas up to 500
      sq ft (20 ft by 25 ft) - in 10 minutes

  •   Works equally well on floor or table -
      measures 14 by 15 by 20 inches

  •   Variable speed - up to 300 cfm - for
      desired cleanliness level


Rent to own

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Product Details

Dimensions: 14.1 (w) x 15.2 (d) x 20 (h) inches .
Weight: 30 pounds (without packing).
Shipping Weight: 37 pounds (with packing).
Shipping: US 48 states .
Model: H200.
Electrical Usage: SAVES MONEY by saving electricity..
                                 Uses only 44 - 88 watts (less than 100 watt light bulb)

 It's better, and here's why
Try it
    All hepa - better than part hepa¹

Vitaire hepa air purifier
Vitaire air purifier

Rent to Own - Buy with Discount

  After 1 month, if you're  
  not satisfied, we'll have
  it picked up¹²                    
              other purifiers
Many competitive air purifiers without blower housing - pull dirty air back in after hepa filter - result: air produced may not be hepa clean¹
Vitaire air purifier with blower wheel and housing before hepa filter - produces only hepa air¹
  Part of air not
    thru hepa filter¹
    All air thru
     hepa filter¹

Others have blower wheel after hepa filter¹ 
  Dust, dirt, mold and pet dander are pulled in AFTER hepa
  filter and mixed  with the cleaned hepa air.¹
Thus, air that
  comes out of other purifiers may be only   part hepa

Vitaire has blower wheel & housing before hepa filter 
  Dirty air is all pulled in BEFORE hepa filter, and then
  filtered.¹   Thus,
air that comes out of purifier has ALL
  been filtered by the hepa, The result is - Vitaire hepa
  purifiers put out only   ALL hepa  air.¹ Better for
  cleaner air, dust, mold, pet dander and allergies.


    Cleans whole room¹

              other purifiers
Competition tends to clean air primarily on 1 side of air purifier, and thus, only part of room¹
Vitaire air purifier cleans air around whole room¹
Tend to clean 
  around purifier¹
   Vitaire cleans
  whole room¹

Others: air goes in side or top and out front¹
  Air usually enters on same or adjacent side or top.¹ So,
  air comes out; and tends to be pulled right back into unit.¹
  This tends to   clean area around purifier.¹ 

Vitaire draws air in back and it comes out front
  Cleaned air comes out, and before it is pulled toward the
  suction at back of purifier, the cleaned air tends to make
  complete pass around room.¹ Vitaire tends to
   clean whole room.¹ 

Vitaire is UL (Underwriters Laboratories) listed
Gold standard world wide  
Product safety and testing
    Vitaire is Underwriters Labs
    LISTED under AEDX.E63891

    Reduces dust and mold faster¹

     other purifiers 
24 hours
10 min.
 Instructions: run
24 hours ahead¹
  Instructions: run
      10 minutes ahead¹  

Others say to run purifier 24 hours ahead¹
  Every time someone enters room, dust, mold, dog, cat,
  bird and other allergenic particles are stirred up. and they
  can take 8-24 hours to settle.¹ If purifier's instructions say
  to run 24 hours ahead, it may be up to   24 hours, until 
  particles are reduced.¹ 

Vitaire says to run 10 minutes ahead
  Again, every time someone enters room
, these particles
  are stirred up. But, our instructions say to run 10 minutes
  ahead.¹ With Vitaire,   in 10 minutes these particles are 
  This may mean QUICKER HELP for cleaner
  air, dust, mold, pet dander and allergies.

Approved by Green People as a healthy, eco-friendly product

dust, mold and much more
by cleaning the air

    Good purifier is a smart investment

Better motor with more copper windings to run cooler for longer life
premier motor with
    more copper windings
Pressurized motor air cooling slots for longer life. Also oil holes so bearings can be reoiled to help prevent bearing failure
motor bearing oil hole
and cooling air slots
  • If competitive purifiers burn out in 2 years -
    that's a waste of money

      Allergies or asthma can last 30 years.    If you have to buy a new  
    every 2 years for next 30 years, that's lot of wasted money. 
      So, the best air purifiers should last.

       Ours last minimum of 30 years
    • MORE COPPER WINDINGS in motor  
        Enables motor to run at cooler temperature for longer life
        Further cools motor. Precision tolerances run quieter
    • MOTOR BEARINGS that last a lifetime  
       Most appliances use sealed bearings that cannot be oiled,
       so when bearing runs out of oil, motor fails. Ours don't fail
       because they can be easily reoiled
    • AUTOMATIC OVERLOAD protection 
    •  To help prevent damage to purifier, if motor ever
       overheats, it automatically shuts itself off

People Who Used It for up to 30 Years

For cleaner air, dust, mold, pet dander, allergies³
Used air cleaner for 10 years. Dust, dog and cat allergies improved dramatically: LILBURN, GA

We have had the Vitaire air purifier for at least 10 years. My daughter was young when diagnosed with allergies to dust, dust mites, dog and cat. Her doctor recommended this specific air purifier and we bought it.  We also kept her bedroom door closed and she improved dramatically.  I would gladly purchase this air cleaner again.
We have dust sensitivities and allergies. It's been Keeping us healthy for 20 years: EAST TAWAS, MI

We have had a Vitaire purifier in our bedroom since 1990. Except for stops to change filters, it runs 24/7. In a world where every appliance you buy only lasts a few years,  it's nice to have a  workhorse like this that has been going virtually nonstop for nearly  20 years with no problems.  It's a "must-have" item in our house as everyone here suffers from allergies and dust sensitivities. It has done a terrific job in keeping us all healthy. Thank you for a durable and dependable product.
Helping with allergies for 13 years: FREDERICKTOWN, OH

We purchased our air purifier in 1998 at the suggestion and recommendation of our allergist. We keep it in our bedroom and it runs every night. We both have indoor and outdoor allergies and  noticed within 1 month of use that our allergies had improved.  We are very satisfied and plan to continue using it forever.

Cleaner air Improved allergies for 25 years: EUGENE, OR

I bought this hepa air cleaner 25 years ago plus or minus, and it's been running 24-7 ever since, and is still going strong.
The air cleaner has been a blessing to me and my partner. We both have allergy issues which have improved over the 25 years.  Being able to give our bodies a rest from exposure at night (the air cleaner is next to our bed) has improved our allergies. 

No longer wake up congested - and have not had a sinus infection for 7 years: PHOENIX, AZ

I have had my air purifier since 2004 and I do not know what I would do without it. I have severe allergies and the air purifier has improved my qauality of life.  I no longer wake up congested, and I have not had a sinus infection since I purchased it seven years ago.  I am so glad my allergist recommended this air purifier to me. Thank you Vitaire!

For cleaner air, dust, mold, pet dander, asthma³
Benefitted my daughter and helped her asthma for 20 years: ROCKWALL, TX

We have used our air purifier for almost 20 years - it was purchased on recommendation of my daughter's asthma specialist Dr. xxxxxxxx* (Dallas, Texas). I have faithfully replaced the filter yearly and used it in my daughter's bedroom. She is married and using it in her bedroom even now! I'll never replace it unless the motor burns out - I love that purifier!  It has benefitted my daughter and helped her asthma.
For 26 years, it has worked well at controlling my asthma: PALM DESERT, CA

I have had my Vitaire air purifier since circa 1986. It has moved with me from Chicago to Las Vegas, to California. I am amazed after all of these years how well it works, and that my  asthma is controlled best when I am at home!  I am having a son, and I will be buying another machine for his room.
The pure air has kept my sinuses quiet, and protected against asthma attacks for 31 years: Mc FARLAND, WI

I purchased the unit in August, 1980. It still runs perfectly. It runs 24 hours per day except during vacations. The pure air  keeps my sinuses quiet and serves as a head start during pollen seasons. Plus, it protects against asthma attacks. 
Have had my air cleaner for 15-20 years. Have not had any emergency trips to hospital for asthma, since I began using it: SHOW LOW, AZ

I have had my Vitaire Air Purifier for at least 15 years - maybe even 20 or more years. I have lost track of the time. In all this time, it has run every night in our bedroom with no problems. It's great! There aren't many products in our country any more with this kind of quality. I have asthma, as well as sinus allergies, and this is one of the tools (including medication and exercise) that I use to keep my health problems at a minimum.  I have not had any emergency trips to the hospital for asthma since I began using the Vitaire purifier. 

Cleaner air helped
Cleaner air stopped stuffy blocked nose - now I can sleep: Jamestown, NY

Finally I can breathe at night when I lie down. Previously a stuffy, blocked nose kept me awake - tossing and turning - until the wee hours of the morning.  Now I can sleep  - due to running my Vitaire for several hours before bedtime.
Provided cleaner air environment for better sleep for 29 years: CUPERTINO, CA

I love my Vitaire air cleaner. I bought it c.1982 - and it still runs perfectly. I have inhalant allergies, and it  provides clean air  environment so I can sleep. 
Helped with allergies and better night's sleep for 15 years: DENVER, CO

We have had our air purifier for many years (15 years +). My allergist suggested buying the filter for my asthma. We only run it at night while we are sleeping. It helps both myself and my husband with our allergies.  We both get a better night's sleep 
Sleeping better without respiratory problems for 6 years: ROCKVILLE, MD

We have had the Vitaire purifier for about 6 years. We got it because our youngest daughter has allergies and is slightly asthmatic. We only use it during the night. We have seen a very positive effect in her ability to  sleep without having any  respiratory problems. This air purifier has been great.
Air cleaner helped stop post nasal drips, and improved sleep for 20 years:

We have had our purifier since January 1990. We use it seasonally. It helps to stop my wife's post nasal drips so that she  can sleep through the night.  By stopping this it also aids in preventing asthma attacks.

Asthma and sleep both improved - also lowered medication:

Gentlemen - I've had my Vitaire air purifier since March 2, 2007...
I could not be without this great purifier, because it's such a help with the asthma I've had for 40 years. It has enabled me to lower the dose of medication, and has  helped my sleep in a major way. 


If we can't make your allergy, asthma, dust or mold problems
better in 1 month, we'll pick it up¹²

   1. Various units may not be as illustrated, expressed or stated, and may have different characteristics and different performance, from that
       illustrated, expressed or stated, depending upon unit, filter, motor design, airflow.location, direction and velocity, as well as other factors. Also
       statements made with respect to various units may not always be completely accurate for the above as well as other reasons. See specs.
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