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         Air purifier - allergy
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Rent air purifier - Rental for cleaner air, dust, mold, allergies - For home or office - Hepa filter

Fast delivery to all 48 states

Rent first - a better choice

 Rentals avoid possible problems, such as:

      Purifier performance: Purifier may appear initially to clean the air in the office or home,
      but after a while you realize it's inadequate. After using it a few months, people in the
      office or home may decide they don't need an air purifier. Some purifiers claim long lives
      for their various replacement filters, yet in a few months, you may find that expensive
      filters and prefilters have to be changed much more often than claimed. With a rental,
      you  try it for as long as you like.³ If you later decide to buy, the full rental is credited
      toward purchase.

      Returns: With rentals, you don't have to worry about seller requiring purifier and
      packaging to be in original condition, which is not usually possible. Just rent it for
      as long as you want, and return it when you want.³

Rental applied to purchase

Rent a purifier - not a scrubber
Scrubbers are industrial type equipment, that are noisy with strong blast of air. Rent, with filters, is about $500.00 a month 

Vitaire hepa air purifier is quiet with gentle air flow. Rent, with
hepa filter, is
 $49.95 a month.



Rent Vitaire hepa air purifier - an ozone free hepa
        Vitaire hepa air purifier

Rent a PROFESSIONAL air purifier

Cleaner air in 10 minutes

Better for dust, mold and much more 
Competition cleans air primarily on 1 side of air purifier¹
Air purifier cleans air around whole room not just around purifier¹
 Vitaire on right cleans whole room¹
More than just a hepa filter 
With many competitive air purifiers without blower housing, uncleaned air is mixed with cleaned air¹
Air purifier with blower housing - all air is cleaned¹
 Vitaire hepa purifier on right¹
Free of health hazards of ozone 

Many purifiers produce ozone. EPA says ozone is
a health hazard.
² Vitaire, however, is OZONE FREE

Many competitve air purifiers produce ozone - EPA says ozone is a health hazard and may worsen asthma

           Ozone is a health hazard²







Referred by thousands of allergy doctors
    Referred by 1000s of .
allergy doctors  

      Best purifier for cleaner air,
dust, mold, allergies

  • Cleans large areas
    up to 500 sq. ft. (20 ft x 25 ft) .

  • Pressure cooled motor
    for continuous cleaning jobs .

  • Cleans in 10-20 minutes .
    moves easily from room to room ..

  • Door to room may be left open .
    no stuffy feeling

  • Powerful yet draft free, quiet and.
    no one will even know it's there


Vitaire hepa air purifier  
Vitaire air purifier

  Professional grade
   Not available in stores

  Vitaire Hepa Air Purifier,
Ozone Free, H200

Rent: $49.95 month
            + s/h $29.65
          If you rent 11 months more
             IT'S YOURS                                          

                  Buy (up front)    

Reg Price: $599.40  
       Price: $499.40
                        + s/h $29.65
You Save: $100.00 (17%))...


In stock
Mfg, sold and shipped by

Want it next business day? Order by
3:00 pm for next business day delivery.
Some areas may be longer. To confirm delivery
will be next business day, call 1-800-552-5533

  •   High efficiency HEPA filter - reduces
      up to over 99% of dust, dirt, mold,
      pollen, pet dander, bacteria and smoke
      - down to 0.001 microns

  •   Effective for cleaning areas up to 500
      sq ft (20 ft by 25 ft) - in 10 minutes

  •   Works equally well on floor or table -
      measures 14 by 15 by 20 inches

  •   Variable speed - up to 300 cfm - for
      desired cleanliness level





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               Product Details
Weight: 30 pounds (without packing).
Shipping Weight: 37 pounds (with packing).
Shipping: US 48 states .
Model: H200.
Electrical Usage: SAVE MONEY by saving electricity..Uses only 44 - 88 watts (less than 100 wtt light bulb)..
FilterChanges: SAVE MONEY..No prefilters to change. Change only 1 filter once a year..

 1. Various units may not be as illustrated, expressed or stated, and may have different characteristics and different performance, from that
       illustrated, expressed or stated, depending upon unit, filter, motor design, airflow.location, direction and velocity, as well as other factors. Also
       statements made with respect to various units may not always be completely accurate for the above as well as other reasons. See specs
 3. See "returns"
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