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Vitaire Air Purifier

Air Purifiers for Bird Dander - Professional Grade

Everyone loves their pet bird

Loves her bird 

Most air purifiers do not hold up well for bird dander

Regular air purifiers are usually not heavy duty enough for bird dander. Bird dander is very heavy; and gets all over everything. It often quickly plugs up the replaceable filters, that collect the dander. Thus, these filters usually have to be replaced much more often than normal, which gets expensive. Vitaire professional grade replaceable hepa filters are 12" x 16" x almost 6" thick. They last a long time.

Heavy dander also tends to plug up the motor cooling holes, so the motor runs too hot, and burns out quicker than normal. A motor is expensive to replace, and may lead to having to replace the entire air purifier on a frequent basis. Vitaire professional grade air purifiers use air pressurized motor cooling holes, that virtually never plug up. Read our reviews and you will see our purifiers run 25 to 30 years, and are still running.

Most air purifiers use sealed motor bearings, which means the bearing is sealed, and cannot be oiled. When the oil dries up, the bearings fail, and the motor or whole air purifier must be replaced. Vitaire uses motors with oil ports, so that you just drop a few drops of oil in, once a year, and the motor just lasts and lasts.

And for your bird's health

Ozone is a known health hazard for humans. Since birds are generally thought to have a more sensitive respiratory system than humans, birds may be even more sensitive to these hazards. Many air purifiers, including some that claim to be ozone free, may in fact produce ozone. Better for your bird. Vitaire air purifiers are 100% ozone free.  How you can tell.

Keep in mind

Regular air purifiers generally do not hold up well for bird dander
. With good ones costing $500 to $1,000 these days, if it only holds up 6 months, that's a lot of money to waste.

For example, say, you bought a purifier with a 1 month return priviledge, and you use it, and you think it's working. Then 6 months later, it dies. But, it's too late to return. So, you're stuck with it.

In short, how can you tell, if an air purifier will hold up for bird dander.

You can tell - here's how
Rent it for as long as you want,
until you're 100% sure,
it works for bird dander

Return it whenever you want

Rent 12 months and it's yours

Vitaire - a professional grade hepa air purifier


Referred since 1977

Referred by thousands of allergy and ENT doctors

By 1000s of allergy, asthma, sinus and ENT physicians

Pressure cooled motor

Motor has pressurized cooling and thermal overload protection for tough air cleaning jobs

Won't plug up - for tough air purification jobs

Cleans 500 sq ft in 15 minutes
Vitaire air purifier saves money since it does more than 1 room

Saves money - you only need 1 purifier - move it from room to room

Powerful yet quiet, draft free

Quiet - No one will know it's there
No one - will even know it's there

Door to room may be left open

Sleep will with your door open - knowing you can hear a child or pet in distress
End of stuffy feeling - and, you can hear a child or pet in distress

Vitaire Hepa Air Purifier,
Ozone Free, H200

Vitaire hepa air purifier  

Professional grade

Not available in stores

Rent for as long as you want,
until you're 100% sure,
it works for bird dander

Return it whenever you want

                  $90   a month
                $29.65       s/h         


Rent 12 months, and it's yours





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In stock

Manufactured in the U.S. from global and U.S. parts. All customer support direct from Vitaire, also right here in the U.S.

We have 42 years experience in air cleaning - Free advice: 1-800-552-5533

Want it next business day? Order by 2:00 pm for next business day delivery. Some areas may be longer. To confirm delivery date, call 1-800-447-4344

  • HEPA filter - reduces up to over 99.97% of dust, mold, pollen, pet dander, bacteria and smoke - down to 0.001 microns¹

  • Effective for cleaning areas up to 500 sq ft (42 ft x 12 ft) in 15 minutes (first pass of clean air)¹

  • Variable speed - up to 300 cfm - for desired cleanliness

  • Works well on floor or table - 14"(w) by 15"(d) by 20"(h)

  • Comes standard with handle - Castors (wheels) may be added at any timel


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