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How to use a Vitaire air purifier
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Vitaire air purifier

NOTE: If used for a medical condition relating to allergies, asthma, sinus, copd, or sleep problems, and your doctor tells you how to use the purifier, be sure to follow his advice.

When to use

If used for dust, mold pollen, dog, cat or bird dander or other particulate pollutants, it may be run at any time. The Vitaire cleans very quickly. Therefore if you go out, it does not need to be running. However, you can run it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if you prefer.

If used for allergies or asthma, we suggest to use it every night when sleeping. If you also have symptoms during the day, then use it during the day as well. Since a Vitaire air purifier cleans so quickly, we suggest turning it on when you go to bed. It may also be used any time during the day. If you go out, it does not need to be running. However, if you choose to, you can run it 24 hours a day.

Where to locate

Purifier may be on floor or table. Table must be sufficiently strong to support a professional air purifier that weighs 30 pounds.

Generally the front of the purifier (the black foam grill) is turned 1/4 turn away from the bed where someone sleeps.

Purifier may be located any where in the room, provided there is 5 inches clearance front and back to allow air to get in and out of the purifier. Also be sure that no curtains or other items can block the inlet or outlet.


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