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Vitaire Air Purifier
Vitaire air purifier

Yearly Costs of Air Purifiers
- And How to Save


Save $489 every year with Vitaire

  • Saves money on replacement hepa filter
    Competitive replacements often go for $89.95 to $149.95 - we're $89.95 - That's an average potential savings of $30 a year¹

  • Saves money - No prefilters to replace
    Competitve purifiers usually require 1 or more prefilters every month or two, often at $10.00 each for a total of $120.00 a year. With Vitaire you never have to buy prefilters. Even if you buy one prefiler once a month, that's a savings of $120 a year¹

  • Saves money - Low electrical usage
    Vitaire's high efficieny motor-blower-purifier combination uses 88 watts on high speed. Competitive units often use 200 watts on high speed. Based on average US electrical rate of 13.26 cents per kilowatthour³ if the unit is used 24 hours a day, that's a potential savings of $133 a year¹

  • Saves money by not having to replace air purifier every few years
    Good air purifiers today run $700 to $1,000. Most purifiers generally last 3 years. $700 over 3 years comes to $233 a year. If you check our reviews, you will see that Vitaire air purifiers last 30 - 40 years. Thus, $799.95 spread over 30 years, comes to $27 a year. That's a savings of $206 every year¹

    Add them all together, and it's a savings of  $489  EVERY YEAR¹


1   Based on average conditions and/or estimates
2   Electrostatic usually do not list efficiency, but electrostatic precipitators usually do list efficiency
3   Based on U.S. Energy Information Administration average residential electrical rate of 13.26 cents per kilowatthour for April 2019.

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