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Vitaire Air Purifier
Vitaire air purifier

Air purifier for sinus

Chronic sinusitis (an inflamation of the sinuses) may last many years. Treatment with over-the-counter or prescription medications may result in drowsiness; nervousness; difficulty sleeping; or other side effects. On the other hand, use of a professional air purifier is a natural alternative, and is free of medicines, drugs, chemicals or side effects.
But keep in mind

A good air purifier may help sinus or may not.
With good ones costing $700 to $1,000 these days, if it doesn't help, that's a lot of money to waste.

One reason even good air purifiers may not help.
Chronic sinus problems may or may not relate to allergies. Also, allergies often relate to different particles in the air, such as dust, mold, pet dander or pollen. But, every day the number of particles; and length of time of exposure is always changing. It's hard to predict, if a purifier will help.

Say, you bought a purifier with a 30 day return priviledge. You use it, and you think it's helping. Then, 5 months later, you finally realize, it's NOT HELPING. But, it's TOO LATE to return.

How to find out without buying

Will it help your sinus

Professional air purifier for dust, mold, construction, allergies, asthma - by Vitaire

Rent a Vitaire for as long as you want - Until you know for sure

Rental can be applied to purchase

Ozone free

Many competitve air purifiers produce ozone - EPA says ozone is a health hazard and may worsen asthma

Click EPA for health hazards of ozone

U.S. EPA says exposures to ozone can irritate the airways, causing coughing, sore or scratchy throat, pain when taking a deep breath and shortness of breath

See how many competitive air purifiers emit ozone, and yet claim to be ozone free. Rent a 100% ozone free Vitaire air purifier for a few months, until you're sure, that it's free of any symptoms that could be related to ozone.


Referred since 1977

Referred by thousands of allergy and ENT doctors

By 1000s of allergy, asthma, ENT and sinus physicians

Does 500 sq ft in 15 minutesº - Move it from room to room - You only need 1 air purifier¹
Vitaire air purifier saves money since it does more than 1 room

Save money
- Get 1 air purifier instead of 4

Powerful yet quiet, draft free

Quiet - No one will know it's there

No one
- will even know it's there

Unlike other purifiers - Door to room may be left open

Sleep will with your door open - knowing you can hear a child or pet in distress

End of stuffy feeling
- and, you can hear a child or pet in distress


0. First pass of clean air

1. Various units may not be as illustrated, expressed or stated, and may have different characteristics and different performance, from that illustrated, expressed or stated, depending upon unit, filter, motor design, airflow.location, direction and velocity, as well as other factors. Also pricing and statements with respect to various units may not always be completely accurate for the above as well as other reasons. See specs


3. See "returns"

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