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Vitaire professional grade hepa air purifier - An effective, low cost alternative to expensive air scrubbers
Vitaire air purifier

Often either can be used. But lets take a look at your application - Because, if a professional grade air purifier can be used, it usually rents for 80% LESS¹

Air Scrubber
Scrubbers primarily consist of high capacity blower-motor; hepa filter; housing; and connection, where a pipe can be attached. They are generally for a fast air flow rate over a relatively limited area. Of course, larger ones are available for larger areas.¹

Usually used for very dirty, polluted air. For this, an air scrubber would probably be your best choice. A tent is often used to enclose the dirty air. The air is then drawn into the scrubber, which discharges the air, through the pipe, and out of the building.¹

Noise and air blast: In order to generate the high air flow rate, scrubbers produce a continual, forceful noisy blast of air. They are generally designed to make the air cleaner for construction workers. Usually they are not used in an area while people are living; sleeping; or doing office work.

Professional Grade Air Purifier

If you are living, sleeping or doing office work in the area, and if the air is not highly dirty or polluted, then a professional grade air purifier may be just what you need. A purifier is quiet and draft free, and may even be used in the bedroom. (If you are not sure, how dirty your air is, or what type of dirt or pollution, it is always a good idea to call in a professional.)¹

If you are dealing with allergies, or allergy related asthma, sinus or sleep problems, that relate to dust, mold, pets, grasses or trees, and that can last for years, then the air purifier is probably what you need.

Highly effective, quiet and draft free - a purifier is often a preferred and low cost alternative to a scrubber.

Which costs less to rent (including filters)

Air Scrubber: Filter change at end of rental: about $125.00

Vitaire Air Purifier: Filter change at end of rental: FREE

Total rental charges for 1 month (approx.)
  Air Scrubber Air Purifier
Rent $ 500 ¹ $ 90
Filter $ 125 ¹ FREE
TOTAL $ 625 $ 90


Pressure cooled motor

Motor has pressurized cooling and thermal overload protection for tough air cleaning jobs
Won't plug up - for tough cleaning jobs

Cleans 500 sq ft in 15 minutes
Vitaire air purifier saves money since it does more than 1 room

Saves money - you only need 1 purifier - you can move it from room to room

Powerful yet quiet, draft free

Quiet - No one will know it's there
No one - will even know it's there

Door to room may be left open

Sleep will with your door open - knowing you can hear a child or pet in distress
End of stuffy feeling - and, you can hear a child or pet in distress


Vitaire Hepa Air Purifier,
Ozone Free, H200

Vitaire hepa air purifier  

Professional grade

Not available in stores

Rent it for as long as you want,
until you're 100% sure,
it's what you need

Return it whenever you want ³

                  $90   a month
                $29.65       s/h         


Rent 12 months, and it's yours




Buy it with $282.23 discount

 Reg price                  $1080.00
Discount                 - $282.
Price               $797.77
   s/h                                FREE  



In stock

Designed, manufactured, sold, and all customer support direct from Vitaire - We have 42 years experience in air cleaning - Free advice: 1-800-552-5533

Want it next business day? Order by 2:00 pm for next business day delivery. Some areas may be longer. To confirm delivery date, call 1-800-447-4344

  • HEPA filter - reduces up to over 99.97% of dust, mold, pollen, pet dander, bacteria and smoke - down to 0.001 microns¹

  • Effective for cleaning areas up to 500 sq ft (42 ft x 12 ft) in 15 minutes (first pass of clean air)¹

  • Variable speed - up to 300 cfm - for desired cleanliness

  • Works well on floor or table - 14"(w) by 15"(d) by 20"(h)

  • Comes standard with handle - Castors (wheels) may be added at any timel

1. Various units may not be as illustrated, expressed or stated, and may have different characteristics and different performance, from that illustrated, expressed or stated, depending upon unit, filter, motor design, airflow.location, direction and velocity, as well as other factors. Also pricing and statements with respect to various units may not always be completely accurate for the above as well as other reasons. See specs


3. See "returns"

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