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        Better air purifier for
                 Better sleep
                      w/ allergies
                  Ozone free
         For allergens in air
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         Rent air purifier
         Rent air scrubber
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         Allergy bedding
         Boxspring covers
         Comforter covers
         Dust mite covers
         Mattress covers
         Mattress pads
         Pillow covers


         Carpet cleaners
         Dust cloth


         Replacement filter
              for air purifier
         Heat register filters
         Register filters
         Vent filters
         Window ac filters
         Window filters


         Humidity gauge


         Allergy mask
         Hepa masks


         Compressor nebulzr
         Peak fow meters


         Hepa vacum cleaner
         Vacuum bags, filter


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Need help with your allergies, asthma, sinus, sleep problems
........ Read below. Then click on the bold gray names that you are interested in


  • best air purifier - hepa - no ozone - for allergens in air
    Includes applicable links and/or explains differences between a Vitaire air purifier and others on the market. Explains allergy related conditions, that a Vitaire air purifier may be effective for, including: allergies, asthma, sinus, sleeping problems. Provides navigation links for those wishing to rent or buy air purifier, as well as differences between an air purifier and an air scrubber. Also gives link information on other allergy related products, including allergy mattress, boxspring, pillow and comforter covers.


  • Vitaire air purifier
    Ozone free. Professional grade hepa air purifier. Recommended by allergy and ENT doctors for 30 years straight. Not available in stores. For dust, mold. pets, pollen and other particles. BUY or RENT - Rent can be applied to purchase.

  • dust mite covers
    Primary product for environmental control for allergy related to dust mite allergen in the bedding


  • air purifier for allergies
    Recommended by allergy doctors for 30 years. Actual reviews by allergy sufferers, who have used this air purifier for allergy for up to 30 years

  • air purifier for allergies, asthma, sinus, copd - hepa
    Comparison between the technology of the Vitaire HEPA air purifier and other air purifiers on the market, and why Vitaire may be so effective for allergies, asthma, copd and sinus. Referred by allergy doctors for 30 years. Not available in stores

  • air purifier for asthma
    Recommended by allergy / asthma doctors for 30 years. Actual reviews by asthma sufferers, who have used this air purifier for asthma for up to 30 years

  • air purifier for pet hair and dander
    Explains why a Vitaire hepa air purifier may be much more effective for pet hair and dander, and may help you to be able to keep your pet. Also explains why other purifiers may not be effective for pet hair and dander. Details how to select a hepa purifier for pets, that can reduce replaceable filter costs.

  • air scrubber and air purifier rentals - hepa filter - affordable
    Explains when an air scrubber should be rented. And, when a professional grade air purifier would be a better choice. Explains which one is more comfortable, and why. Lists the tremendous difference in rental rates between both. The renter is usually unaware of this price difference.

  • allergens reduced by air purifier
    List of allergens reduced by air purifier. Explanation of types of allergy or asthma, that may be helped by this air purifier.

  • best air purifiers - 100% ozone free - how you can tell
    If an air purifier is not ozone free, it may be hazardous to your health. Explains how many air purifiers may claim to be, when they are not. And, that for
    better health, you should use a purifier that is truly ozone free. Explains how you can tell. Rentals are available, so that you can try it for as long as you want before deciding. If you rent 12 months, it's yours.

  • castors for Vitaire air purifier
    Plate castor, which is the correct castor for this air purifier. It is very different from a stem castor, which is commonly found in stores

  • how to use air purifier
    Explains when to use the air purifier, including when to turn on, and when to turn off.
    Also goes over where to locate the purifier in the room, including which way to turn the or orient the purifier.

  • rent air purifier rental - professional grade for cleaner air - for dust, mold, construction, allergies
    For cleaner air, renovations, allergies. Reduces dust, dirt, mold, pet dander, pollen, particulate pollution. When you absolutely must have the cleanest air possible. The air purifier, that allergy and ENT doctors have depended on, and recommended to their patients for 40 years. Also shows a comparison between the technology of the Vitaire hepa air purifier and other air purifiiers on the market. Explains why Vitaire is the unit of choice. Purifiers available to rent or purchase, and rental may be applied to purchase. Fast delivery to all 48 states

  • replacement hepa filter
    Replacement hepa filter for Vitaire air purifier

  • save money on air purifier expenses
    Save money on: lower hepa replacement filter costs; never having to replace prefilters; and lower electrical power usage.

  • specs for Vitaire air purifier
    Superior specs

  • test results for air purifier
    Allergy and asthma test results for air purification

  • vitaire air purifier
    Ozone free. Professional grade hepa air purifier. Recommended by allergy and ENT doctors for 30 years straight. Not available in stores. For dust, mold. pets, pollen and other particles. BUY or RENT - Rent can be applied to purchase.

  • vitaire air purifier reviews
    Companies often provide reviews of air purifiers. But did the reviewer have allergy or asthma? Did the reviewer use the air purilfier for 10 minutes or an hour? Vitaire's reviewers tell you... What they think of it, after using it for their own allergies, asthma , sinus or better sleep for up to 30 YEARS.


  • allergy bedding - allergy covers
    For allergy related to dust or dust mites, an allergy cover may be highly beneficial. Available for mattress, boxspring, pillows and comforter
  • comforters
    Overstuffed - filled with allergy resistant polyester fiber
  • dust mite covers
    A dust mite cover or encasing may be highly beneficial for allergy or asthma. They are generally recommended by allergy doctors for allergy or asthma related to dust mites
  • mattress pad for allergy
    A dust mite mattress pad generall has dust mite proof material only on the top surface, whereas a dust mite proof mattress cover generally has it on the top, bottom and all 4 sides. Thus, the mattress cover is usually much more effective.



  • window ac filters
    Window ac filters reduce large dust and pollen from window air conditioners.


  • humidity gauge
    Humidity of 30-50% helps reduce dust mite and mold allergen. First step to getting humidity under control is an accurate humidity gauge.


  • sleep mask - dust mask - allergy mask
    For large dust and pollen particulates. Also comparison between allergy sleep mask (allergy masks used for sleeping) and Vitaire professional grade hepa air purifier for effectiveness and sleeping comfort
  • hepa mask
    For large and small dust and pollen particulates as well as other allergenic particulates





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