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  Sleep Aid - 30 Years of Reviews


Woman sleeping in cleaner air - is now enjoying a good night's sleep
sleeping in clean air 

Vitaire hepa air purifier removes the allergens that are keeping you awake               
  Vitaire prof. grade hepa air purifier


Underwriters Laboratories - gold standard for product testing and safety

  Professional grade air filtration for dust,

  mold, pet, pollen and other irritants

  • Sleep better with professional Hepa filtration 
    Filters out so many of these annoying irritants, that you may
    finally be able to sleep - Imagine a good night's sleep
    without drugs, medicines, drowsiness or side effects.


  • Sleep quicker - First pass of clean air - 10 minutes¹ 
    Competitors often say to run purifier 24 hours first - But dirty
    air is continually leaking into room - If you're continually waiting
    24 hours for clean air, you'll never get a good night's sleep.¹
    With Vitaire, you'll start getting a good night's sleep now.

  • Referred by allergy and ENT specialists for 30 years 
    Accepted for exhibition at the American College of Allergy, Asthma 
    and Immunology for the Technical Exhibits at the Annual Meetings,
    starting in 1978


    Talk to an Expert

    1 - 800 - 552 - 5533


Professional grade     

Not available in stores
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  • High efficiency HEPA filter: up to 99.99%. For particles as small as 0.001 microns.

  • Effective for cleaning areas up to 4,000 cu ft - or 20 ft (w) by 25 ft (l) x 8 ft (h) in 10 minutes

  • Works on floor or table:  14" (w) by 15" (d) by 20" (h)



    For better sleep
       (why it's so effective)

    Removes more dust, mold, pet, grass,
      tree and other particulates


    Some competitive purifiers pull dirty air in - after Hepa filter

         (through the discharge) and mix it with the filtered air. Thus, air

         coming out of those units usually contains many impurities.

         For better sleep, you need professionally cleaned air.

         Vitaire professional grade air purifiers produce this pure air.

      Cleans air around whole room instead

      of just around purifier

          With competitive air purifiers, air usually goes in and out same

          side or adjacent side (top counts as a side). So air comes

          out - sees the suction - and tends to be pulled right back into

          the unit. You end up cleaning air around unit - instead of

          around room. With Vitaire professional grade purifier,

          air comes out, and never sees suction, since it is on

          opposite side. Purifier cleans whole room. You could be

          sleeping anywhere in room. You need whole room clean



    Competition             Vitaire    

    Many competitive air purifiers pull unfiltered air back in through discharge, and mix them with the filtered air
    Vitaire filters dust, mold, pet and other particles that are drawn into purifier. Vitaire does not mix unfiltered air with the cleaned air¹

    Vitaire does not pull dirty air in
    after filter - Vitaire produces  
    pure air for better sleeping    

    Competition             Vitaire    


    Competition often cleans air primarily on 1 side of room and close to purifier¹
    Vitaire cleans dust, mold, pet and other irriitating substances around whole room¹

      Vitaire cleans air around
    whole room¹              









    TOP FEATURES               

  • Cleans larger areas
     up to 4,000 cu. ft. (20 ft x 25 ft x 8 ft)  

  • Door may be open or closed
     say goodby to closed in feeling  

  • 1 purifier cleans many rooms 

      cleans faster - can be moved from room to room


  • Powerful yet quiet, draft free
    no one will even know it's there 

  • Ozone free - it's important   
      EPA says ozone is health hazard  

  • Professional grade   
    for when you have to have clean air

  • Made in USA of global & U.S. parts


    Referred by thousands of allergy and ENT doctors

  Referred by 1000s of

 allergy specialists    

Approved by Green People as a healthy, eco-friendly product

           Reduces dust, dirt, mold,

         grass, tree, smoke, pet

            dander & more naturally


  Unlike some competitors, door to room may be left open

   door to room

    may be open

Many competitve air purifiers produce ozone - EPA says ozone is a health hazard and may worsen asthma¹


Made in USA of global and U.S. parts             

 made in USA of

 global & U.S. parts



    Used for better sleep³

JAMESTOWN, NY: used for stuffy, blocked nose keeping me awake

Finally I can breathe at night when I lie down. Previously a stuffy, blocked nose kept me awake - tossing and turning - until the wee hours of the morning.  Now I can sleep  - due to running my Vitaire for several hours before bedtime.
CUPERTINO, CA: used 29 years to provide clean air so I can sleep

I love my Vitaire air cleaner. I bought it c.1982 - and it still runs perfectly. I have inhalant allergies, and it provides clean air environment so I can sleep. 
ROCKVILLE, MD: used 6 years for allergies and sleep problems

We have had the Vitaire purifier for about 6 years. We got it because our youngest daughter has allergies and is slightly asthmatic. We only use it during the night. We have seen a very positive effect in her ability to sleep without having any  respiratory problems. This air purifier has been great.
LIBERTYVILLE, IL: used for allergies and provides restful sleep

The Hepa Air Purifier Vitaire has been a life changing experience. It has been a key part of ridding our lives from allergies and provides a restful sleep. I would and do suggest it to any allergy sufferers.  
WEST WINDSOR, NJ: used 10 years - difficult time sleeping without it

We have had the Vitaire for almost 10 years. It runs constantly and has never failed. I have a difficult time sleeping without it. Great product!
RANDOLPH, NY: used 4 years for allergies and better sleep every night

I started using your air purifier about 4 years ago to help with my allergies (dust being one of them). I do notice the difference when we are at a motel or visiting someone that I don't have my air purifier with me. Thank you for helping me to sleep better every night.
CEDAR RAPIDS, IA: used for a strong night's sleep

My Vitaire purifier has greatly improved my ability to sustain a strong night's sleep. This is vital to maintaining good health.
UNCASVILLE, CT: used 5 years every night in bedroom for allergies

It has been five years since we purchased our Vitaire air purifier. We love it and use it every night in our bedroom. It has afforded us so much comfort in regards to our allergies and for my asthma. Also, I noticed there is less dust in our house, which is easier for me to clean. I wouldn't be without it. .
FOSTER, OK: allows my son to sleep at night

My son and I love it. The purifier allows him to sleep at night. Such a Blessing. Thank you.
CLIFTON, NJ: used 20 years for post nasal drip, asthma and to sleep through the night

We have had our purifier since January 1990. We use it seasonally. It helps to stop my wife's post nasal drips so that she can sleep through the night. By stopping this it also aids in preventing asthma attacks.
BETHEL PARK, PA: used 10 years for asthma - helped sleep in major way

Gentlemen - I've had my Vitaire air purifier since March 2, 2007...
I could not be without this great purifier, because it's such a help with the asthma I've had for 40 years. It has enabled me to lower the dose of medication, and has helped my sleep in a major way.
GRANTVILLE, PA: used 5 years in bedroom to breathe and sleep better

It has been valuable in our bedroom to keep air pure so we breathe and sleep better. We have had our Vitaire air filter for more than 5 years and wouldn't be without it.
PAINESVILLE, OH: used for 5 year old daughter to sleep better at night

We have had our Vitaire air purifier for 3 years. It has been very effective at helping our 5 year old daughter sleep better at night due to having cleaner air in her bedroom.
EMERYVILLE, CA: used for allergy, asthma and to sleep well

I have allergy induced asthma that manifests with coughing. Since getting this last May I use it in my bedroom at night. It works well and I sleep well and take less medications.
DENVER, CO: used 15 years for allergies, asthma and better night's sleep

We have had our air purifier for many years (15 years +). My allergist suggested buying the filter for my asthma. We only run it at night while we are sleeping. It helps both myself and my husband with our allergies. We both get a better night's sleep 
WHEATON, IL: used 2 years for good solid night's sleep

We have been using this air purifier for the last 2 years for my daughter. We have been very pleased with it. When we are out of town and do not have it with us, we can tell the diffenence in her breathing. She does not get a good solid night's sleep on those evenings. We will continue to use this product for it has helped with her allergies.
SWAMPSCOTT, MA: used 6 years for peaceful night's sleep

We have had our Vitaire air purifier for over 6 years. What a difference it makes to a peaceful night's sleep. Breathing is easier and the whole room stays cleaner. It's a great product.
FREDERICKTOWN, OH: used 29 years every night for allergies

We purchased our air purifier in 1998 at the suggestion and recommendation of our allergist. We keep it in our bedroom and it runs every night. We both have indoor and outdoor allergies, and noticed within 1 month of use that our allergies had improved. We are very satisfied with the product and plan to continue using it forever.
ST. CLOUD, FL: used 15 years every night to breathe so much easier

My wife and I have used the Vitaire machine for over 15 years and would not know what to do without it at night. We breathe so much easier.
POLAND, OH: used 1 year for severe allergies, sinus problems and much better sleep

I use it when at home for longer durations. Takes care of dust, mold and pollens, which have caused severe allergies, and sinus problems, and I have to state much better sleep!! I have had purifier since Nov. or Dec? of 2015 - 1 year. Thank you.
PALM COAST, FL: used 10 years to breathe better and sleep better

I've used the Vitaire purifier for 10 years in my bedroom. I breathe better and sleep better.
WATERBURY, CT: at first I was skeptical - now we even bring it on vacations

We have had the air purifier for about a little over a year. At first I was skeptical, until my son slept in another room that didn't have it. He told me that he definitely noticed a difference. Since then, we even bring it on long vacations with us.


Model: H200 
30 pounds (without packing) 
 14-1/8" (w) x 15-1/4" (d) x 20" (h) (w/o pkg) 
Shipping Weight: 37 pounds (with packing) 
Dimensions: 17" (w) x 18" (d) x 23" (h) (with pkg) 
Shipping: US 48 states  
Additional technical specifications: See "Specs" 

Electrical Usage: High efficiency - Saves electricity - Uses 
      only 44 - 88 watts (less than 100 watt light bulb)
Handle: Included - Standard  
Castors: Optional - Come in separate box - May be added 
       with order or any time later on
Location in room: May be placed on floor, cabinet or table
Clearance around purifier: 5" front and back - If you want 
        to put purifier against wall, put the side against wall


 1. Various units may not be as illustrated, expressed or stated, and may have different characteristics and different performance, from that
       illustrated, expressed or stated, depending upon unit, filter, motor design, airflow.location, direction and velocity, as well as other factors. Also
       statements made with respect to various units may not always be completely accurate for the above as well as other reasons. See specs
 3. Some reviews may be edited or shortened
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