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Vitaire Air Purifier Reviews... After using unit for 30 years
Vitaire air purifier reviews - after using it for 5 to 30 years for allergies, asthma, better sleep or sinus
Referred by allergy and ENT doctors since 1977

People who reviewed unit

Had used it usually for 5 to 30 years
before they wrote these reviews. All these years, they used it for their own allergy, asthma, sinus or sleep problems. We got this information by sending forms, that asked things like: what they were using it for; how long; and how they liked it. And, to protect their privacy, we promised not to use any names or addresses, just city and state.

Their answers

Tell you how they used it
. How many hours a day or night.  What they discovered worked best. Where they positioned it. The results they got with their health. And how they liked it.


Reviews - AFTER using for 5 to 30 years

      Woman thinking that reviews mean much more to her, when she knows what the purifier was used for - and if it was used for at least 5 years - After 5 years of use the reviewer can reallystate how much the unit helped
I want to know:
How people used it -
For how long -
And their results




LILBURN, GA: used 10 years for dust, dust mites, dog and cat allergies

We have had the Vitaire air purifier for at least 10 years. My daughter was young when diagnosed with allergies to dust, dust mites, dog and cat. Her doctor recommended this specific air purifier and we bought it. We also kept her bedroom door closed and she improved dramatically. I would gladly purchase this air cleaner again.

EAST TAWAS, MI: used 20 years for dust sensitivities

We have had a Vitaire purifier in our bedroom since 1990. Except for stops to change the filter, it runs 24/7. In a world where every appliance you buy only lasts a few years, it's nice to have a workhorse like this that has been going virtually nonstop for nearly 20 years with no problems. Our Vitaire purifier is a "must-have" item in our house as everyone here suffers from allergies and dust sensitivities. It has done a terrific job in keeping us all healthy. Thank you for a durable and dependable product.

EUGENE, OR: used 25 years for allergies

I bought this hepa air cleaner 25 years ago plus or minus, and it's been running 24-7 ever since, and is still going strong. The air cleaner has been a blessing to me and my partner. We both have allergy issues which have improved over the 25 years. Being able to give our bodies a rest from exposure at night (the air cleaner is next to our bed) has improved our allergies.

FRANKFORT, MI: used since 2006 for allergies

I have had one of my Vitaire air purifiers sine June of 2006. We bought it because it was recommended by my allergy doctor. It was put into my bedroom and when I would get one of those really bad spring or fall days I could go to my room with my purifier on and within 2 hours would feel good again. Then in 2009 or 2010 I decided two would be better so I bought one to run in the living room. I recommend them to others, I feel they are well worth the money. I wouldn't want to be without them.

CROSSVILLE, TN: used for severe allergies for 10 years - difficult to tighten screws

The filter was bought well over 10 years ago and used every night since for severe allergies. It has helped, wouldn't want to be without it.

My only problem with it is the location of the wedges and screws to keep the filter in place. I find it difficult to tighten since so close to sides of filter. Otherwise it's perfect!

YONKERS, NY: used many years for cat allergy

First bought the Vitaire because my allergist recommended. Did wonders for my allergies right away, allowing me to live with my cats, despite cat allergy. Have used it 24/7 since purchase many years ago, with no problems. Excellent product.

LINCOLN PARK, NJ: used for dog allergies

I have 2 purifiers - 1 in my living room and 1 in bedroom. I have 2 dogs and this Vitaire has been a great help with my allergies. My symptoms are much less if at all. I would not be without it.

ST FRANCIS, WI: used several years for allergies and clean air

I've been using the Vitaire for several years. This product is remarkable in so many ways. First my heath. Second air quality - (the way it cleanses the air). I had items in storage for 2 yrs. I live in an apartment - which I had to bring these items inside of. With the items being musty - this purifier took care of the odors & I was not affected by the air quality. Also you can see the difference - in the clearness of the air. My dusting is less. I will not - ever give this purifier up.

SOUTHFIELD, MI: seems to help our allergy

We appreciate the quality of the air purifier. It is sturdily built and easy to maintain. The motor runs reliably. We love the 'white noise' which helps us sleep at night too!

It seems to have been a big help for our allergy symptoms too.

UNCASVILLE, CT: used 5 years for dust, allergies and asthma

It has been five years since we purchased our Vitaire air purifier. We love it and use it every night in our bedroom. It has afforded us so much comfort in regards to our allergies and for my asthma. Also, I noticed there is less dust in our house which is easier for me to clean. I wouldn't be without it.

LAKE VILLA, IL: used since 2002 to feel better - have a dog now

I have had my air cleaner since 2002. I love it! I know it's working because I feel so much better. I leave it on low all the time. I notice when I turn it off I can feel the difference immediately. It has changed my life forever!!! I even have a dog now. I just love your product!!!

ST LOUIS, MO: used for allergies, nosebleeds - got off medicine

Since we purchased the air purifier a few years ago, my son who has allergies has had no nosebleeds & has been off his medicine. I'm using the air purifier in our family room today becqause we are having a party tonight. Within a very short time, the air feels cleaner & fresher.

BOYNTON BEACH, FL: used 7 years for environmental allergies

I have been using your Vitaire air purifier for approximately seven years and it has helped my environmental allergies to a great extent. It feels good to know that I am breathing pure air without contaminants. I would highly recommend this Vitaire air purifier to my friends & relatives who have breathing problems.

NEW YORK, NY and MARINA DEL REY, CA: used 25 years for asthma, allergies - also mildew

Here's a new one for you. I use your remarkable machine in New York (where I visit my daughter several times a year) and in Marina del Rey, CA where I live. In both homes I have suffered from asthma and air-borne allergies; urban environments; and mildew from being near the ocean.

And for over 25 years your machine has helped me. I have 2 machines in California and one in NY. But here is the most amazing part. Your motors are still running after 25 years.





ROCKWALL, TX: used 20 years for asthma

We have used our air purifier for almost 20 years - it was purchased on recommendation of my daughter's asthma specialist Dr. xxxxxxxx (Dallas, Texas). I have faithfully replaced the filter yearly and used it in my daughter's bedroom. She is married and using it in her bedroom even now! I'll never replace it unless the motor burns out - I love that purifier! It has benefitted my daughter and helped her asthma.

NEWPORT BEACH , CA: used 6 years for mold and asthma

I feel safe using my air purifier 6 years after contracting asthma living in a house of mold. I keep a system at home and one at work and feeling much much better thru the years.

ROCKVILLE, MD: used for allergies and asthma

We have had the Vitaire Air Purifier for about 5 years. We got it because our youngest daughter has allergies and is slightly asthmatic. We have it on during the night when she is sleeping, otherwise it is off. We have seen a significant and positive change in her ability to sleep without having any respiratory problems. We like the air purifier very much and will continue to use it for the forseeable future.

PALM DESERT, CA: used since 1986 for asthma

I have had my Vitaire air purifier since circa 1986. It has moved with me from Chicago to Las Vegas, to California. I am amazed after all of these years how well it works, and that my asthma is controlled best when I am at home! I am having a son, and I will be buying another machine for his room.

RANDOLPH, NY: used for at least 5 years for asthma

We have had our air purifier for at least 5 years. It has given Sheryl the relief she needs with her asthma. It's on every night in our bedroom.

ROLLA, MO: surprised it lasted so long

We're surprised it has worked this many years. I have "MDS" Cancer (bone and blood) and must be in a clean environment.

SHOW LOW, AZ: used 15-20 years for sinus allergies and asthma - no emergency trips to hospital for asthma since I began using air purifier

I have had my Vitaire Air Purifier for at least 15 years - maybe even 20 or more years. I have lost track of the time. In all this time, it has run every night in our bedroom with no problems. It's great! There aren't many products in our country any more with this kind of quality. I have asthma, as well as sinus allergies, and this is one of the tools (including medication and exercise) that I use to keep my health problems at a minimum. I have not had any emergency trips to the hospital for asthma since I began using the Vitaire purifier.

PONPTON LAKES , NJ: used many years for asthma due to mold and dust allergy

I have used these air purifier units for many years for severe mold & mite (dust) allergy. I have 4 units - when I travel to visit relatives for over night visits I always bring one of them with me. They have made a Big difference in my asthma due to allergy.

STAFFORD, VA: used 12 years for my son for asthma - also to breathe easier

My son has asthma and your products (air purifier) have really helped him breathe easier and healthier for the last 12 years. Thank you!

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL: used 30 years for asthma and allergic rhinitis

I have had my HEPA filter for about 30 years. It has improved my asthma and allergic rhinitis.

JEFFERSONVILLE , NY: used 16 years for son's asthma - also reduced snoring

We have used the Vitaire air purifier for sixteen years (same machine!). It was purchased under the advice of our pediatrician and has helped tremendously with our son's asthma. It allows him to regain his "baseline" after being exposed to allergens and irritants in his daily life. It significantly decreases his snoring at night.

MURRAYVILLE, GA: used 10 years for asthma

I am an asthmatic since childhood and am now 77 years old. Using Vitaire hepa filters and my daily inhaled steroid regimen, I am a-symptomatic - that is, have no symptoms of asthma - unless I have a respiratory infection. My allergist, Dr. XXXXX , recommended Vitaire more than 10 years ago and I have used the Vitaire hepa filter ever since! I believe it has been a major environmental asset to me.

GREAT FALLS, MT: used 26 years for allergies and asthma

I bought the filter on 10/4/1984, and it has run steady ever since. If not for the filter, my asthma would be very severe. Allergies also. I honestly believe it to be a life saver. Thank you.



JAMESTOWN, NY: used for stuffy, blocked nose keeping me awake

Finally I can breathe at night when I lie down. Previously a stuffy, blocked nose kept me awake - tossing and turning - until the wee hours of the morning.  Now I can sleep  - due to running my Vitaire for several hours before bedtime.

CUPERTINO, CA: used 29 years to provide clean air so I can sleep

I love my Vitaire air cleaner. I bought it c.1982 - and it still runs perfectly. I have inhalant allergies, and it provides clean air environment so I can sleep.

LIBERTYVILLE, IL: used for allergies and provides restful sleep

The Hepa Air Purifier Vitaire has been a life changing experience. It has been a key part of ridding our lives from allergies and provides a restful sleep. I would and do suggest it to any allergy sufferers.

PAINSVILLE, OH: very effective at helping our daughter sleep - didn't get our annual filter reminder

We have had our Vitaire air purifier for 3 years. It has been very effective at helping our 5 year old daughter sleep better at night due to having cleaner air in her bedroom.

I'd only ask that I get a reminder every year to replace my filter (I've signed up each of the last two years to receive the reminder in the mail... and have yet to receive one).

CLIFTON, NJ: used 20 years for post nasal drip, asthma and to sleep through the night

We have had our purifier since January 1990. We use it seasonally. It helps to stop my wife's post nasal drips so that she can sleep through the night. By stopping this it also aids in preventing asthma attacks.

BETHEL PARK, PA: used 10 years for asthma - big help for sleep

Gentlemen - I've had my Vitaire air purifier since March 2, 2007...  I could not be without this great purifier, because it's such a help with the asthma I've had for 40 years. It has enabled me to lower the dose of medication, and has helped my sleep in a major way.

GRANTVILLE, PA: used 5 years in bedroom to breathe and sleep better

It has been valuable in our bedroom to keep air pure so we breathe and sleep better. We have had our Vitaire air filter for more than 5 years and wouldn't be without it.

PAINESVILLE, OH: used for 5 year old daughter to sleep better at night

We have had our Vitaire air purifier for 3 years. It has been very effective at helping our 5 year old daughter sleep better at night due to having cleaner air in her bedroom.

EMERYVILLE, CA: used for allergy, asthma, coughing and better sleep

I have allergy induced asthma that manifests with coughing. Since getting this last May I use it in my bedroom at night. It works well and I sleep well and take less medications.

DENVER, CO: used 15 years for allergies, asthma and better night's sleep

We have had our air purifier for many years (15 years +). My allergist suggested buying the filter for my asthma. We only run it at night while we are sleeping. It helps both myself and my husband with our allergies. We both get a better night's sleep.

WHEATON, IL: used 2 years for good solid night's sleep

We have been using this air purifier for the last 2 years for my daughter. We have been very pleased with it. When we are out of town and do not have it with us, we can tell the difference in her breathing. She does not get a good solid night's sleep on those evenings. We will continue to use this product for it has helped with her allergies.

SWAMPSCOTT, MA: used 6 years for a peaceful night's sleep

We have had our Vitaire air purifier for over 6 years. What a difference it makes to a peaceful night's sleep. Breathing is easier and the whole room stays cleaner. It's a great product.

ST. CLOUD, FL: used 15 years every night to breathe easier

My wife and I have used the Vitaire machine for over 15 years and would not know what to do without it at night. We breathe so much easier.

WATERBURY, CT: at first I was skeptical - now we even bring it on vacations

We have had the air purifier for about a little over a year. At first I was skeptical, until my son slept in another room that didn't have it. He told me that he definitely noticed a difference. Since then, we even bring it on long vacations with us.




PHOENIX, AZ: used since 2004 for allergies - no sinus infections any more

I have had my air purifier since 2004 and I do not know what I would do without it. I have severe allergies and the air purifier has improved my quality of life. I no longer wake up congested, and I have not had a sinus infection since I purchased it seven years ago. I am so glad my allergist recommended this air purifier to me. Thank you Vitaire!

Mc FARLAND, WI: used since 1980 for sinuses - also protects against asthma

I purchased the unit in August, 1980. It still runs perfectly. It runs 24 hours per day except during vacations. The pure air keeps my sinuses quiet and as a head start during pollen seasons. Plus, it protects against asthma attacks.


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